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FAQ / Information

Can I really Choose My Shirt Type & Color?

You Bet! We make your shirt to order - Just for you. Why? Because we can - oh, and because we Love you! (Remember, if the design is Yellow, and you pick a Yellow shirt - You're in trouble. - Well really we just change the design so it will look good. Why? Because we can - and we want our designs to be seen and not blurred.)

How Long is it going to take to get my shirt?

Well if you stop by and get it - not long at all - We may even feed you - or put you to work. If that¡¦s not possible, remember we make this stuff to order - Just for you, so unless you are in a super duper hurry and choose rush production, it may take a few days to get your shirt done - But we promise you'll like it. Also -allow for delivery time. It may take a few days if you live further then our front Lobby. Hey what did you expect for $5 shipping? :)

What brand of Shirt are you going to use?

Why put our incredibly funny, super cool designs on a crappy shirt? Really - Why? - We use heavyweight 100% cotton shirts whenever possible. You'll like it - we have been doing this a while and we know exactly what you like.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Um, no - remember the made to order theme that is in all of the answers above? To provide you with the fastest service possible, once an order is in production, it cannot be cancelled. All orders are custom-made based on the customer's instructions at the time of ordering and as such, the customer is responsible for any costs incurred by us up to the point of cancellation. INDIVIDUAL orders cannot be cancelled once we have ordered the garment(s) or product(s) for your order. If we can cancel your individual order there will be a 25% processing/re-stocking fee charged for doing so. You must call to verify your order has been cancelled. We cannot be responsible for email cancellations.

Can I Return My Shirt?

Um, no - remember the made to order theme that is in all of the answers above? As cool as that is for you to get a unique -possibly one of a kind shirt just for you - getting the shirt back doesn't do us any good - unless of course there is someone exactly like you out there - but then they'd have to like the shirt - so they wouldn't be exactly like you. We have other ways to make you happy, so please try and like it, if not shoot us an email and we can see what we can do. It won't be much. In the rare case that a return is accepted (non-customized merchandise only) there will be a 25% processing/re-stocking fee charged for doing so.

What Company Name Will Appear on My Credit Credit Card Statement?

The Billing Information on your credit card will read: – Express Design Group

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